20 Greatest Artists

20 Greatest Artists


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AuthorKalyani Mookherji
PublisherRupa Publications

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Is it a plane? A bird? Or a woman’s face with features all mixed up? Welcome to the world of twenty greatest artists who taught people to view the familiar and the everyday, in ways that were new, revolutionary and never imagined before. From the Old Masters of perspective and chiaroscuro, like Vermeer and Da Vinci, to innovators and experimenters of form, line and material, like Monet and Amrita Sher-Gil, these artists have shown that when it comes to art, there are no limitations on what is beautiful or evocative. This book explores the lives—at times tragic and misunderstood; at times exuberant and scandalous—of these great pioneers of art, candidly describing the highs and lows each went through. In doing so, it also traces influential artistic movements down the ages and how they impacted the wider world of politics, culture and history. 20 Greatest Artists offers a peek into the colourful lives of great artists and their works of art.

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