A Book of Simple Living : Brief Notes from the Hills

A Book of Simple Living : Brief Notes from the Hills


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AuthorRuskin Bond
PublisherSpeaking Tiger
BrandSpeaking Tiger

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Praise ‘A lyrical and spare work—part writer’s workshop, part meditation…Anyone as yet unacquainted with Bond’s enduring grace could well start here.’—Scroll.in    ‘A simple recipe for happiness—Bond’s keen eye for detail is visible throughout…[A] magical book.’—Deccan Herald ‘This is the kind of book where one expects to find a dried flower bookmarking the pages still carrying a trace of fragrance…it is like curling up on a window seat with an old friend—the comfort is almost instant.’—Outlook ‘It’s hard to say what’s more charming, Ruskin Bond’s simple prose or the surroundings he describes…[A Book of Simple Living] is like a bowl of clear soup that you finish in no time, but by the time you are done with it, you feel as if you’ve had a five-course meal.’—The Hindu ‘A real gem—simplicity at its best…The entire book is replete with magnificent life lessons. Above all, what you will cherish most are the images that the author creates in your mind. Vertiginous mountains, verdant valleys, tiny springs, soothing birdsong, whistling woods—Ruskin lets you have the breathtaking Himalayan experience without leaving home.’—Sakal Times ‘In gnomic pieces reminiscent of the short and evocative poems of old Buddhist Chinese poets like Wang Wei, Bond muses about nature, change, the life of the mind and the pleasures of the flesh…This beautifully produced slim volume is perfect for random dippings. Even now, so many people know Bond only as a writer of children’s stories, like the Rusty books. [A Book of] Simple Living makes one realise just how much more there is to him, and how much we will miss him when Rusty does finally run away.’—Outlook Traveller

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