Cocktail Time


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Author P.G. Wodehouse
Publisher Arrow Books
Brand Arrow

Description of product

Cocktail Time is a comic novel by P.G. Wodehouse in this book, the Earl of Ickenham is biding his time at the Drones Club and decides to take a shot at his friend, Beefy. He makes use of a catapult to pop Beefy's top hat. Beefy wants to punish the miscreant who has committed this act. Ickenham makes a remark in jest, that had Beefy been an author, then his literary sword would have put the pranksters in their place.

Egged by this remark, Beefy embarks on his literary debut and pens Cocktail Time under a pennname. Beefy is standing for the parliament and the scandalous book written by him is out to thwart his political career. As the sales soar and his book gains popularity, Beefy becomes increasingly worried.

Ickenham makes a suggestion which Beefy feels will work in his favour. He looks for someone who can pretend to be his book's author and this suggestion triggers a series of unimaginable humorous events, with each one more humorous than the earlier one. Read this book and find out if Beefy gets to keep his honour intact.

Cocktail Time was published by RHUK in 2008 and is available in paperback.

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