How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too!

How I Topped The Boards And You Can Too!


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AuthorGaurav Sood
PublisherRupa Publications

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So how does one go about topping the boards—exams that can determine where your life’s headed, your college, your first job…may be even your first crush?
Fortunately, the secret isn’t to ‘study till you’re a sleep-deprived zombie’. Unfortunately, it also isn’t ‘mum fed me steroids/dad taught me to cheat’.
The secret recipe? Connecting the dots. You don’t need to be a prodigy studying twenty-four hours a day to ace an exam—you just need to work smart. How I Topped the Boards and You Can Too! shares the methods that helped Gaurav top in his board exams, so that you too can best prepare for the most important exams of your life.

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