Jaldi's Friends


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Country of Origin: India

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Author Kalpana Swaminathan
Publisher Puffin Books
Brand Puffin

Description of product

A pup with ESP, a benign elephant, a kidnap and a Secret Service led by the famous Rani of Bandalbaaz This swift and racy tale of the adventures of Jaldi, a railway puppy with special powers, is set against the backdrop of Bombay's notorious underworld. Recruited for the Secret Service by the elegant and ferocious Rani, Jaldi must use her powers to find JP and BB, the evil duo who want to destroy the historic friendship between the proud Bombay Strays and the humans who share their city. Can Jaldi outwit the killers and the crafty TickTock? With her Uncle Musafir, King Ilango the Elephant, and other assorted friends, Jaldi plunges headlong into mayhem and adventure

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