MBA at 16 A Teenager s Guide to Business


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Author Subroto Bagchi
Publisher Penguin Books
Brand Penguin

Description of product

Steve Jobs encounter with Wozniak when they were both 16 led to the founding of Apple. Sergey Brin and Larry Page's encounter at Stanford University in their early twenties brought about Google.

Considering such events, it can easily be said that teens can act as a catalyst to the growth of the society. The teenage can be extremely unpredictable and almost anything can happen. It's some kind of a spark that initiates the next big step for teens to rise up almost unexpectedly, especially in the realm of business.

Is business good or bad for a teenager? Is an early start a bad choice? Will a teenager prosper despite the young age and take the next big leap towards a new era of innovation? Subroto Bagchi's latest instalment of MBA at 16: A Teenager's Guide to The World of Business tells the readers all this as they are taken on a voyage with teens seeking to innovate and discover the next the big thing.

The book was published by Penguin India in 2012 and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • It's a unique book introducing teenagers to the world of business and entrepreneurship.
  • It talks about how to obtain an MBA degree during the teenage years.

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