My Favourite Stories: Boskys Panchatantra


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Country of Origin: India

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Author Gulzar
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Red Turtle

Description of product

My Favourite Stories: Boskys Panchatantra is a compilation of some of the best-known stories from the Panchatantra collection of tales. These stories have been around for as long as one can remember, and are cited as the most frequently translated works produced in India. The animal-based tales usually carry a moral at the end of them, and have been passed down for generations from parents to their children and grandchildren. They were originally believed to be relayed by a king to his three sons to impart some of his wisdom to them. These stories teach one lessons in kindness, bravery, love, generosity, and justice.

My Favourite Stories: Boskys Panchatantra presents these well-loved tales to readers in the format of a poem. They have been adapted and penned by renowned lyricist and poet Gulzar. In this book, the author presents these story poems in a manner that is engaging and entertaining, yet simple enough for young minds to grasp. The true essence of the story is retained, as the stories get transformed into a lyrical treat for the reader. Gulzar’s retelling of these famous tales is witty and amusing, and can be enjoyed by readers of all ages.

The 1st edition of My Favourite Stories: Boskys Panchatantra was published by Red Turtle in the year 2013. The book is available in paperback.

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