Raising a True Winner: Ignite the best in your child


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Author Tanuja Sodhi
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Rupa

Description of product

Clueless about your parenting prowess? Does climbing a mountain seem easier to you than bringing up your child? Seeking sound guidance on how to prepare your child to handle real-life situations? Look no further! Tanuja Sodhi, author of the acclaimed book Parenting in the Age of McDonald’s, returns with another invaluable guide to help you be a better parent. Raising a True Winner offers useful and simple-to-follow guidelines on how to bring up a well-rounded child who grows up to be a happy, responsible, and compassionate adult. Its enlightening insights will help you be a super parent, and provide you with: • Tips to increase your child’s emotional quotient (EQ) through open-ended conversations. • Ways of instilling empathy through ‘teachable’ moments. • Pointers to sharpen intellect through easy brain-drills. • Ways to practise mindfulness through specific interventions like journaling. • Essential life-skills to help your child deal with myriad challenges. • And much more! So, get ready to build a rock-solid foundation for your child based on powerful, research-backed strategies. Add this book to your parenting toolkit NOW!

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