Sally and the Warlocks and Other Stories

Sally and the Warlocks and Other Stories


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AuthorShashi Warrier
PublisherPenguin Books

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Three stories about plucky girls, handsome princes, sly dragons and brave fairies Suzy is a princess with an amazing talent??"if anyone tells a lie in her presence, the liar's nose swells up. When the crafty Minister decides to get rid of Suzy's parents and take over the kingdom, King Randolph, Queen Catherine and Suzy know only this gift can save the throne from falling into the wrong hands. On a terrible, stormy night, six-year-old Sally witnesses a secret Warlock ritual, and is kidnapped by the wicked magicians who decide to sacrifice her. Can the one good Warlock Granger, and William and Mary, her mice friends, save her life? In the last story, Ampersand, the Lord of Magic, decides to move with his band of magic people to a new land. When the ship lands at Obfuscia, a new continent, they find the kings Sharkovitch and Von Clunk plotting to take over the other kingdoms. Together with the sensible Prince Hugo and charming Princess Katherine, the dashing fairies decide to put a stop to their evil designs. Funny and fantastic, 'Suzy's Gift', 'Sally and the Warlocks' and 'The Hidden Continent' are for all those who love reading about adventure and strange, delightful, magical characters. Age group of target audience (Puffin): 8+

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