Speak to Anyone, Easily

Speak to Anyone, Easily


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AuthorRajiv Mehta
PublisherRupa Publications

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This book lets you in on the little things you need to do to:
• Forge long-lasting relationships with family and friends;
• Hold on to your job and rise in your profession;
• Master the art of inter-personal communication.
Communication has two aspects: intent and approach. Intent is the message that you want to convey and approach is how you convey it. More often than not, the intent might be right but the approach sucks. Result: crisis.
In Speak to Anyone, Easily, psychiatrist Dr Rajiv Mehta shares easy tricks for communicating effectively with people around you—family, friends, colleagues, employees, acquaintances and even strangers. By using simple examples, he discusses the dos, don’ts and techniques that are bound to help you communicate wisely.
Packed with real-life cases, no-nonsense advice and observation, the book will help readers create stronger relationships with people around them, thereby ensuring that their life goals—peace, happiness and success are achieved.

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