Tales of Long Ago

Tales of Long Ago


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Country of Origin: India

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AuthorRuskin Bond
PublisherRupa Publications

Description of product

This is a collection of charming tales of long ago by the master weaver of stories, Ruskin Bond. In his inimical way, he takes us to small towns and villages, through mountainous passes and difficult terrain, and across resilient rivers and sparkling streams, retelling legends and lore. Read about the many legends surrounding the Yamuna and Ganga, as well as little-known rivers like the Suswa; about Bisnu, a child of nature, who is forced to move to the town of Musoourie after a bad spell of draught; and about a sprightly young girl called Bina, who along with her friends, goes on many an adventure in the hills, which turn out to be lessons in bravery and friendship. Tales of Long Ago will be your window of escape to times and places that have been lost to the onward march of urban life.

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