Tenali Raman (Tales of Wit and Wisdom)


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Country of Origin: India

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Author Kavitha Mandana
Publisher Penguin/Puffin Books
Brand Puffin

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A bowl of water must be carried thousands of miles without a drop spilling
A man is to be hanged for having a 'bad-luck' face
The king’s well is getting married and all the kingdom’s wells must attend

Ten year-old Sulekha meets the cocky TJ on her trip to Hampi, who claims to be a descendant of Tenali Raman, the jester of the Vijayanagar court. Tenali had a solution to every problem that befell King Krishnadevaraya’s kingdom—from the mundane to the bizarre. Through the comic tales of Tenali Raman, Sulekha and her friends explore the rich history of the majestic empire and life in sixteenth-century south India.

Wonderfully witty and bubbling with fun and facts, this book is a peep into a vibrant period in Indian history and into one of India's sharpest minds.

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