The Amazing Nature Quiz


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Author Berty Ashley
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Rupa

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Did you know there is a single worm, which is longer than three buses? Did you know there are Microorganisms that are smaller than the dot of the letter ‘I’? isn't it amazing to know that in spite of centuries of exploration and research, humans are still discovering new and fascinating things about nature? In the amazing nature quiz, authors berty Ashley and akhila phadnis bring you a collection of trivia and facts presented in the form of questions to encourage you to look at nature with a newfound appreciation. This is a quiz Book with a difference, one where you learn about bacteria that seem to defy belief, plants that defy Physics, insects that defy the imagination and a whole lot more about nature that is simply astounding! So take a walk on the wild side and get ready to astonish your friends and family with the extraordinary!.

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