The Garden of the Djinn


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Author Rohini Chowdhury
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Red Turtle

Description of product

When the Princess of Aleya set out to search for the mysterious Moonflower, she brought upon her people the curse of the Djinn. Dadu, Juno's beloved grandfather, went looking for the Princess but disappeared. Now, war is brewing between the Aleyans and the Djinn and according to an ancient prophecy, only Juno can help. Accompanied by the brave Aleyan warriors Niyati and Ahan and a grumpy, talking Map she flies fast towards the Garden of the Djinn, encountering many enchanted creatures on the way including a telepathic merlion and an amnesiac StarSprite.

Juno must outwit the Djinn and end the war. If she fails, she may never see her Dadu again and the people of Aleya will be doomed forever! Packed with action and adventure, The Garden of the Djinn is a thrilling tale that will captivate readers.

Key Features

  • Featuring a spunky young protagonist and set in magical lands, this book will appeal to readers aged twelve and up
  • Simple yet imaginative, the story is an enthralling read.
  • With an exciting cast of characters who have magical abilities and strange quirks, this book opens up a delightful world of enchantment.
  • Written in lucid and engaging prose, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in fantasy fiction

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