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Author Ruskin Bond
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Rupa

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‘As they went on, the tilt of the floor increased so that it was hard to keep a footing on it, and then a swing of trev’s torch showed that an ominous-looking crevasses had opened at its lower edge. Suddenly there was a cry from Judy as her foot slipped and she slid down with her legs hanging over the black depths of the crevasse.’ The great retreat is an anthology of exciting short fiction written by some of the most popular names of the nineteenth and twentieth century. Selected by Ruskin Bond, stories of adventure, suspense, and horror spill out of these pages, each with a nail-biting climax that will set your heart racing. From R.L. Stevenson and Oscar cook to Sylvia Green and Nikolai S. Leskov among others, This book opens up a world of fantasy where danger and threat lurk in every corner as do shape-shifting wolves and the walking Dead!.

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