The Incredible Indian Revolutionaries Quiz


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Author Chiranjit Gam
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Rupa

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Did you know? Urdu poet,Maulana hasrat mohani coined a slogan that became the rallying cry of the Indian Independence movement. The slogan—inquilab zindabad! Matangini Hazra, a fierce revolutionary, was shot dead by the British soldiers. As she was being shot repeatedly, she kept chanting the words, Vande Mataram. From the big independence movements to more subtle revolutions like the role of the press, the incredible Indian revolutionaries quiz will introduce you to major people, major ideas, or majorly interesting stories about the Indian freedom struggle, one of the most important periods of our country rich history. Chockfull of easy, unusual, exciting questions, fun facts and tantalizing trivia, this book will challenge even the brightest of minds. It will introduce you to the incredible world of Indian revolutionaries who have changed the face of Indian history—whether by taking small steps or revolutionary strides. So put on your thinking Recaps and get ready to learn the stories of the mighty Indian revolutionaries.

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