The Magical World of Mathematics


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Author Swagata Deb
Publisher Rupa Publications
Brand Rupa

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Is mathematics the basis of our existence? Do numbers exist at all? Why does ZERO matter so much? What is so mysterious about Pi? Is music really all about mathematics? What are the mathematical secrets that the pyramids hide? How can the whole world be represented by just two numbers? How big is infinity? In The Magical World of Mathematics, Swagata Deb shows young readers how and why mathematics has been an integral part of life since the beginning of time. It explores the direct link between mathematics and various other fields—from art and entertainment to computers and philosophy, from nature and the environment to sociology and astronomy. Apart from introducing readers to the wonders of mathematics in a simple and fun way, the book also outlines ancient India’s contribution to mathematics—the concept of zero, decimal system, algebra, etc.

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