The Mega Science Quiz

The Mega Science Quiz


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AuthorsBerty Ashley and Akhila Phadnis
PublisherRupa Publications

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Did you know that the US President George Bush sr banned a Green leafy vegetable in the White House, as it contained an unusual Compound that made it bitter for him? Did you know that it was the work of a woman scientist that led to the use of nuclear reactors to generate electricity? In the mega Science quiz, authors berty Ashley and akhila phadnis introduce you to many such interesting facts and concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. The book has hundreds of questions from various disciplines including Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Psychology. The questions contain more than one clue, so that you not only gain insight about the way the world works, but also feel amazed at the wide variety of invisible phenomena that govern our lives. Rich with trivia about strange discoveries and obscure scientists, you will never have a dull moment reading this book!.

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