The Secret Diary of the World's Worst Genius


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Country of Origin: India

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Author Paro Anand
Publisher Penguin Books
Brand Penguin

Description of product

Once upon a time, I was an average Joe, neither at the top nor at the bottom. Heck, I was even the middle sibling! But all it took was one test, just one, to change my life. Suddenly, I was important, I was a Genius. Everyone was waiting anxiously to hear the pearls of wisdom that would drop from my mouth. Only one problem I didn't know what I was a genius at. If you think geniuses have it all, I bet you haven't met someone like me. I'd give anything to be a normal thirteen-year-old again. At least I wouldn't be dragged everywhere from museums to theatre classes to horse races to find out my 'generosity'. At least my best friend wouldn't act like I've got a contagious disease. At least I wouldn't be a freak.

Still want to know more? Take a peek into this secret diary to find out what happens when an ordinary boy suddenly becomes the World's Worst Genius.

Book Features:

  • A fast paced absorbing narrative
  • A protagonist who will grab you by the heartstrings right away
  • Rich in humour and incident
  • Crisp and fun narrative style and an engaging diary format
  • Perfect to read over a lazy weekend
  • Ideal for the tweens of today
  • Part of the series which includes, The Secret Diary of the World's Worst Cook by Subhadra Sen Gupta

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